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Not sure where to start?  Complete this short form to get online access to everything you need to know about planning your vacation to the British Isles. In your British Isles visitor guide you will learn:

  • What to expect when traveling to Ireland, Northen Ireland, Scotland, England and/or Wales 
  • The most popular regions of Ireland and Great Britain and where to go
  • The top 10 highlights of the British Isles and where they are
  • The seasons of Ireland and the United Kingdom, and when to travel
  • Types of tours to the British Isles and who they are best suited for
  • Introduction to the all-new, independent "Hoppers"
  • How to start planning an itinerary
  • Tips on driving in Ireland and the United Kingdom 
  • Themes, special events and interests 
  • and much, much more! 

Read what our travelers had to say about their recent trip to the British Isles: 

reviews-5.png "Great assistance with a self directed tour [to Wales] via car. We had great communication before the tour that was very comforting and allowed us to get loads of questions answered beforehand." - Robert S.

reviews-5.png "We loved the trip put together by Tenon Tours and will be using them again.  Tenon Tours set our accommodations but what we did during he day was entirely up to us. We took the back roads and saw the real Ireland!" - Darren C.

reviews-5.png "So helpful with any questions or concerns and they put together a wonderful trip [to N. Ireland and Scotland] for us. It was so easy to enjoy our trip because of the great locations of our hotels in the cities." - Alexis R.